Beyond the Mental Health Evaluation

Embra Health is dedicated to providing comprehensive ongoing support services to individuals navigating the third-party reproductive landscape. In addition to conducting evaluations, we offer inclusive spaces where all participants in the family-building journey can find support and guidance. Our commitment extends beyond assessments to fostering a compassionate and understanding environment, ensuring that everyone involved feels empowered and cared for throughout their experience.

Inclusive Support Groups

Embra Health hosts monthly gatherings that serve as safe spaces for connecting with others, allowing participants to share their experiences, ask questions, or simply listen. Our goal is to alleviate the feelings of isolation that individuals may encounter as they navigate their journey to parenthood. It's more than just support; it's about building a supportive community together.



April 9th • 11am-12pm PST (free)

Choosing the right donor or carrier can be a very serious decision to make. In this session, you will learn exactly how a donor or carrier is psychologically evaluated to move forward as a suitable candidate. We will discuss the questions they are asked, the scales we use to assess psychopathology, and the exclusion criteria that would automatically rule someone out. Join us and step forward with assurance into this significant stage of your journey.

IP Relational Support

A nurturing haven for intended parents to come together and navigate the unique challenges that infertility and ART can introduce into their relationships. Our discussions center around enhancing communication, fostering intimacy, accessing psychoeducation, and building a strong sense of community support. Join us as we journey together toward greater understanding, connection, and resilience.


Gestational Carrier Support

A compassionate space designed for gestational carriers at every stage of their journey. Here, you'll find solidarity, support, and invaluable insights on nurturing a healthy and positive mindset throughout the cycle. Whether you need to vent, share your experiences, or seek guidance, this is the place to be. Join us as we uplift and empower each other through the beautiful and transformative surrogacy experience.


Donor Support

A nurturing community tailored for individuals embarking on or already engaged in donation cycles. Here, you'll delve into the psychological facets, both immediate and enduring, surrounding donation. Gain valuable insights, resources, and guidance to navigate the journey with mindfulness and resilience.


It Didn’t Work: Loss and Failed Cycles

A safe space where individuals can openly discuss experiences of loss and unsuccessful reproductive cycles. Here, amidst understanding hearts, you're invited to share your journey, process your emotions, and receive unwavering support. Whether you're grappling with the disappointment of a failed cycle or navigating the complexities of loss, this group offers solace and solidarity. Join us as we lean on each other, fostering healing, resilience, and hope amidst challenging times.


Preparing for Parenthood

Whether you're expecting a child or your gestational carrier is, this group offers a supportive environment to navigate the anticipation, excitement, and challenges of impending parenthood. Here, you're invited to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the transformative journey ahead. Join us as we embrace this momentous transition with openness, readiness, and shared wisdom.


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